Entry #3

Sonic Ultimate Character Designer

2010-07-18 14:58:25 by sadix08

I thought of doing a remake of this flash game I came across few years ago it's called " Sonic Character Designer" it's a game where you create your own Sonic character with tons of styles and colors.The problem is that the guy who created the game left NewGrounds i think a long time ago and the game is old from 2004 and there isn't "that" much of option but since i'm really into this project, I have already started and it's taking a fuckload of time to draw the characters since I will do different poses and more detailed body part,scenes,Sonic music and much more.I need a lil bit help but i don't think it will be possible since I don't know anyone on Newgrounds :( so it will be a long ass game to make.Aside from the drawings i got my friend to program the game since my programming skills are very limited and my art skills are not hte best but I do my best to improve and make it my "perfection" of level ( very hard to draw without a tablet) It's almost a dream for me to make this game i'm so thrilled . Wish me luck because I will need it BIGTIME !


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