Entry #1

Flash Movie !!

2010-05-18 22:14:35 by sadix08

I fuckin hate this account's name seriously thats why I might change for a new one and I feel like to do a Flash Movie About Parkour it's going to be with stickmans but badass Stikcmens I need to practice some more before moving on into the movie I will might do a movie preview at the end ofJuly/beginning August I'm Really thrilled about this movie since it's going to be my first big flash movie but I couldn't do anything alone I would need help


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2010-05-29 00:06:05

Whoever sees this if your good help me !!


2010-06-14 17:36:13

Wow well i think you sould do it you don't have much on this account and you can have a fresh start on NG and if you want people to comment why don't you comment on there post's i do it and get a least 20 comments.

sadix08 responds:

yeah I will i just uploaded my First Flash game I made for my final programming exam there's alot of defaults but I will work on it and maybe about that movie i'm not sure because I want to upgrade the game. thanx for commenting